Mission and Vision

RFID technology is rapidly becoming a key technology in applications being developed for government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, anti-counterfeiting efforts and logistics. As pilots progress, end users are realizing that one of the major challenges and cost of RFID technology is integration into existing applications. As RFID technology evolves the return on investment for the application of this technology grows, therefore keeping the integration costs and efforts to a minimum becomes the number one priority. Intelletto technologies' RFID based appliances minimize the need for software integration and modifications during all phases of RFID implementation.

Our product strategy is based on recognizing the challenges of RFID implementation and minimizing them by developing RFID technology that is flexible because of its onboard intelligence. This built-in intelligence provides operating instructions and processing power to our RFID devices without the need for supporting computers or middleware. These abilities give the user maximum flexibility at minimum cost. Our product lines allow companies to proceed with their RFID implementation plans without worrying about hype and many avoidable implementation expenses, thereby increasing their productivity and return on investment. At Intelletto, our vision is to change the way people think about RFID technology as Intelletto devices becoming an enabler not a hurdle to implement.


Intelletto was founded in 2003 by a team of software and hardware professionals with extensive experience in wireless technologies, logistics, and business consulting. Intelletto is committed to delivering high quality, multi-dimensional products to customers, partners and resellers through its unique product and service offerings, by closely synchronizing product development strategies to line up with customers' needs and priorities, focusing on: productivity, cost savings and return on investment.

Intelletto provides its hardware and software products directly through its own sales force and indirectly through a network of channel partners to large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, service providers and consumers.
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