Libs Digital Assets Tag
RFID labels for Libraries (Libs Tag)
Desktop HF Antenna (ANTH100-BL)
Libs Security Gate Datasheet
Libs Staff Station Brochure
Libs Programming station Brochure
RFID Bluetooth Handheld (BR10)(HF) Brochure
HF Reader Module (MHF1) Datasheet
RFID Line Master (LM10) Datasheet
Desktop HF Antenna (ANTH100-BL)
HF Embedded Antenna (ANTH2) Datasheet
RFID Smart Reader Datasheet (SR10)
RFID Smart Programmer Datasheet (SP10)
RFID Reel to Reel Encoder/Verfier (RR10) Data Sheet
Micropy RFID Reader Datasheet
Micropy RFID Reader User Manual
Libs Digital Assets Tag
RFID labels for Libraries (Libs Tag)
Intelletto HF Square 45.00x45.00mm 1.77x1.77inch
Intelletto HF Square 39x39mm 1.535x1.535inch
Intelletto HF Rectangle 45.00x76.00mm 1.77x2.99inch
Intelletto HF Small Rectangle 38x22.5mm 1.496x0.886inch
Intelletto HF 35mm 1.378inch Round
Intelletto HF 21mm 0.827 inch Round
Intelletto HF 20mm 0.787 inch Round
Alien Squiggle REF-040 Reference Design
Impinj E41C Reference Design
Impinj E61 Reference Design
Impinj E62 Reference Design
Impinj B62 Reference Design
Impinj E68 Reference Design
Serial to HID keyboard converter (HIDMDB9USBA)
Ethernet to Serial & HID Keyboard Converter
Bluetooth keyboard Emulator Dongle Brochure (BK100)
Serial Dual converter (USB/Bluetooth) (SBK100)
Serial to Bluetooth Converter (SBK200)
Serial (RS232) to USB Converter
Ethernet to WiFi Converter
Case study - Pfizer Inc. anti-counterfeiting pilot.
Smart Programmer application in library