Hardware Highligts

- Built in printer, RFID and Barcode readers, touch screen monitor and speakers.

- Available in desktop, stand alone or wall-mount configurations.

- Height adjustable (stand alone or wall-mount versions), software controlled through touch screen monitor.

- Intelligent motion detector senor allows power down on timeout and power up as patron approaches.

Software Highligts

- User Friendly and Intuitive interface.

- Connects to Library ILS system through SIP2 protocol.

- Allows check out and renewal of library items providing alerts for on hold items and fine amounts

- Remote configuration and reports powered by Intelletto Libs Cloud.

- Checkout and Renewal can be done by both RFID and barcode.

- Customizable Receipts along with the option to provide no receipt or email receipts.

- Optional payment processing.

- Capable of providing email alerts to staff in real time about the hardware and consumable statuses of the station.

- Multilingual user interface.