- Check in and check out of library material through ILS circulation screen.

- User can switch between check in and check out on both Libs Staff Station and ILS screen by press of only one button.

- Processing RFID tagged items one by one or simultaneously in a stack.

- Capable of programming RFID tags (Requires SBK100-30E Accessory)

- Check in RFID tagged books from a book cart without needing to remove the books from the cart (Requires Intelletto Blade Reader BR10)

- Minimum installation effort, no software installation required, upon USB plug in device is immiediately recognized as a keyboard.

- USB powered, eliminates the need for additional power outlet.

- Built in intelligence, Reads ISO28560-2, ISO28560-3, Danish Data Model as well as all other openly encoded RFID tag data.

- Patented functionality, press scroll-lock to send RFID tag data to selected widgets on the screen one by one.