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- Portable, small foot print with built in antenna.
- Multiple tag protocols, ISO15693, NFC Type 2, ISO 14443A/B, HF EPC, Tag-it™, FeliCa™
- RS232 input port for connecting barcode reader.
- RS232 port provides power to barcode reader.
- User Signaling: 1 x Seven Segment, 1 x Green Led, 4 x Red Led, Buzzer
- Dimensions: 6.75in X 6.25in X 1.63in (171mm X 159mm X 41mm)
- Compliance: FCC: X7X-MHF1, IC: 8859A-MHF1, RoHS
- Memory: 512 KB SRAM, 4Mbytes Serial Flash
- Operating Temperature: 0 up to +40 centigrade
- Storage Temperature: -15 up to +70 Centigrade
- Firmware and Script Upgrade through Ethernet port
- Programmable,Flex Engine scripting enabled.
- Refer to Download Section for more information on Flex Engine.