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- Available in HF only, UHF only and dual HF and UHF.
- Highly efficient for tesing and encoding HF and UHF tags.
- Serialized encoding ensures that all RFID labels on a roll contain serialized data. The encoding format can be defined by the user or it can be chosen from a list of pre-programmed EPC compliant formats.
- Encoding RFID tags with Barcode data. The encoding can be done straight from the Barcode data or constructed on the fly (User defined or Pre-Programmed EPC compliant format).
- Encoding Engine will query an external server through a web service function call to determine the next number to write into the RFID tag. This could be a simple Query asking for the next number or the Engine could supply the scanned barcode to the external system, and the response generated based on the query, will then be written into the RFID tag.
- User has the option to mark and bypass or stop and replace defective tags without losing serialized data order.
- Exchange data with back system through web services.
- Powered by Intelletto RFID Line Master.
- Optional thermal transfer printing.
- Ability to control the optional thermal transfer printer through the RFID Line Master.
- Firmware and Script Upgrade through Ethernet port
- Programmable,Flex Engine scripting enabled.
- Refer to Download Section for more information on Flex Engine.