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- In the absence of a Bluetooth connection to SBK100 the data received at Serial (RS232) end will be routed to USB port by default.
- Once a Bluetooth connection is stablished, SBK100 will transfer the data from the serial end to the Bluetooth connection .
- HID keyboard and serial (SPP) profiles are available for Bluetooth connectivity.
- Optional USB power on pin 9 of RS232 end.
- Eliminates the need to install any device driver or keyboard redirector software. Simply plug it in and any serial input will become a keyboard input.
- Draws power from USB port. No external power source required.
- Cable Length 12in (300 mm)
- Certifications & Compliance: FCC, ICS, CE and RoHS.
- Watch video demonstration to see how a combination of SBK100 products can be used to feed Allflex RS420 scanned tag data directly into the active application running on an iOS or Android device as keyboard input. This video demonstrates pairing of an Allflex RS420 Portable Stick Reader's Bluetooth SPP output with Intelletto's SBK100.
- Connects any serial device to any desk top as a Keyboard through the USB port. It works on Windows and MAC OS, Linux and Android.
- RS232 data output from Scales, Barcode readers, RFID readers, Payment Terminal and etc. can be scanned into application that run on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® in HID keyboard profile and Android devices in both HID keyboard and SPP modes.
- RS232 data output from Barcode readers can be scanned into Intelletto SR10B Smart Reader through SPP profile.
- When used SPP Master profile (SBK100-32)in combination with Intelletto BK100 (Bluetooth Keyboard Emulator Dongle) a serial connection can be stablished over the Bluetooth. In this configuration, Intelletto's BK100 will be connected to the USB port of the client PC. The client PC can run on Windows , MAC OS, Linux or Android. SBK100 will transmit via Bluetooth any serial data that is coming from the Serial device to the BK100 which will in turn convert the Bluetooth serial SPP transmission into keyboard strokes.