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- Comprehensive range of RFID labels for Libraries.
- NFC Labels Ideal for Most NFC applications
- Available blank or printed and encoded with BW or color logo.
- Standards - ISO 18000-3, ISO 15693.
- Frequency - HF13.56 MHz.
- Defect free RFID tags, 100 percent tested and marked for bad tags.
- Providing End to End HF and NFC RFID Services.
- Services available in ISO15693 , ISO14443 A/B & NFC Type 2
- Customized inlay antenna and label design.
- Encoding and serialization.
- High Quality color printing.
- Complete Data Management including multiple encoding and serialization schemes per customer. Maintaining barcode ranges. Keeping track of start/Stop serialization ranges per customer release order.
- Quality Multicolor logos printed at very little extra cost.