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ChieKoo App
  • Most innovative way to send and receive alerts on your Smart phone and tablet device
  • The range of receiving these alerts can vary depending on the environment
  • Range for receiving alerts can go up to 250 meters in an open area
  • IFTTT Compatibility allows endless actions to be triggered with Chiekoo products.
  • Through IFTTT integration, you can link smart home products such as smart lights and smart plugs to ChieKoo alert broadcasts wirelessly. This way you can provide visual, audio and other alerts in different areas of your home to your loved ones, informing them that a Chiekoo product has been trigerred.
  • In a restaurant setting it can help to mange table attendance in a more efficient way
  • Likewise it could help stores to manage and service clients on demand
  • Business owners can use alert log information to make informed decisions on staff level and responsiveness.