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Serial to Bluetooth Converter
  • Once a Bluetooth connection is stablished, SBK200 will transfer the data from the serial end to the Bluetooth connection.
  • Tactile button toggles soft keyboard on iOS devices.
  • Available in muliple profiles, SPP and HID keyboard.
  • Long battery life upto 240 hours.
  • Built in charger, charge with any usb port or adaptor.
  • Bluetooth connection, charging and low battery indicators.
  • Available in English, German and French keyboard emulations.
  • Certifications & Compliance: FCC, ICS, CE and RoHS.
  • RS232 data output from Scales, Barcode readers, RFID readers, Payment Terminal and etc. can be scanned into application that run on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® in HID keyboard profile and Android devices in both HID keyboard and SPP modes.