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Bluetooth keyboard Emulator
  • Converts bluetooth SPP profile character stream to USB keyboard strokes.
  • Bluetooth keyboard emulator dongle is an instant cable and keyboard emulator software replacement because it doesn't require any driver or middleware software installation.
  • Available in Czech , English, French(France), French(Canada), German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish keyboard emulations.
  • Certifications & Compliance: FCC, ICS, CE and RoHS.
  • Watch video demonstration to see how BK100 can be used to feed Allflex RS420 animal identification reader output directly into the active application running on a PC as keyboard input. This video demonstrates pairing of an Allflex RS420 Portable Stick Reader's Bluetooth SPP output with Intelletto's BK100.
  • Devices such as data collectors, distance and length measurement tools, thickness and temperature measurement tools, Bluetooth enabled barcode readers and RFID readers, can transfer data wirelessly to an active widget of a program running on a PC running on Windows and MAC OS, Linux and Android.
  • When used in combination with Intelletto Serial to Bluetooth Converter Products a serial connection can be stablished over the Bluetooth. In this configuration, Intelletto's BK100 will be connected to the USB port of the client PC. The client PC can run on Windows , MAC OS, Linux or Android. Any serial data received from Serial to Bluetooth Converter Products will be converted to keyboard strokes.